OpportunityDb offers tools, analysis, and podcast to the Opportunity Zones industry

My goal is for OpportunityDb to be an educational leader on Opportunity Zones.

And I think I’m off to a good start.

I launched OpportunityDb: The Opportunity Zones Database on August 1, 2018. Since then, I have introduced many tools to the Opportunity Zones industry…

  • List of Opportunity Zone Funds: A database of every qualified opportunity zone fund currently raising capital, this list is searchable by asset class, real estate property type, investment location, fund size, and more.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Opportunity Zones: Written for the individual investor, this beginner’s guide features a thorough summary of the program’s tax benefits as well as an introduction to where opportunity zones are located and how to invest in opportunity zone funds.
  • Opportunity Zones Map: Analyze where opportunity zones are, or find out if your property is located in an opportunity zone by using the search function.
  • Opportunity Zones Podcast: A weekly show featuring guest interviews from fund managers, real estate developers, tax advisers, and other leaders in the Opportunity Zones industry.
  • Opportunity Fund Tax Savings Calculator: Plug in a set of assumptions to determine how much the Opportunity Zones tax benefits can save you in capital gains taxes.

To learn more about Opportunity Zones and OpportunityDb, visit the About page on OpportunityDb.com.