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Hi, I’m Jimmy. I am an entrepreneur and investor in multiple Web-based media properties. I’m also owner of Dotmarketer, an internet marketing consulting firm based in Fort Worth, TX.

My Businesses

Former Businesses

  • Poseidon Financial LLC: Founded in 2015, Poseidon Financial was an investment data research company that authored world-class information about stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and emerging markets. Poseidon Financial was shut down at the end of 2016. Its portfolio of sites included Dividend Reference, ETF Reference, and Fund Reference
  • MonetizePros: Founded in 2013, MonetizePros offers tools and training to help website owners maximize their online revenue. After selling MonetizePros in 2015, I am no longer involved in this project.
  • Web Hosting Database: Founded in 2008, WHdb helps webmasters and small business owners find web hosting. I sold most of my equity in this site in 2015.
  • Tip’d: Founded in 2008, Tip’d was a personal finance-based social media site featuring user-generated content. Tip’d was shut down in 2012.
  • Online Education Database: Founded in 2006, OEdb is a collection of online college degree programs. After selling OEdb in 2007, I am no longer involved in this project.

Other Projects

  • John R. Cervantes Memorial Scholarship: Honoring my late grandfather, this scholarship is awarded each spring to a graduating senior of Moline High School in Illinois.
  • The Pope Blog: An unofficial blog about the Holy Father and happenings in the Vatican, co-authored by my pal Andy.

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Originally from Los Angeles, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in economics in 2004. I currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas with my wife and kids.