I was on the FunnelUp Podcast (twice!)

My long-time friends Andy and Rich have had me on their FunnelUp Show a couple of times now. Back in November, I was on the show to discuss the ins and outs of funnel software, including my take on MailChimp, ClickFunnels, Ontraport, and Infusionsoft.

And just last week, I filled in for Andy (he was out sick) as Rich’s co-host. We interviewed direct mail marketing expert Michael Johnston.

Best part: Andy has since made a full recovery and is beginning to return to his normal routine.

Anyway, check it out over at FunnelUp.com.

Quadcoptering in Malibu

I got a chance to take the controls of my buddy Clay’s DJI Phantom quadcopter over the weekend in Malibu. The mounted GoPro Hero captured some great shots.

Paradise Cove coastline

Paradise Cove coastline, Malibu, CA

Selfie from 300 feet up

Selfie from 300 feet up

Click here to see the complete album.

In the video below, I interview Clay as he flies his quadcopter and explains exactly what system that he has. (Sorry, the video is raw footage and is kinda long.) Continue reading

We’ve launched our Ad Network Reviews at MonetizePros

Firstly, Happy New Year 2014! In 2013, my business partners and I have been working hard on building MonetizePros.com into a top notch resource for Web publishers seeking guidance on how best to monetize their websites and other online assets (including Web video, email, social media accounts, etc.).

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are launching our Ad Network Reviews site. This section was spearheaded by yours truly, though I did receive quite a bit of assistance from both Johnny and Andy, so many thanks go out to them.

While the full reviews will only be available to MonetizePros Premium members (and we even aren’t launching that level of membership until Q3 of this year), I’m proud of the work that we have accomplished on MonetizePros.com to date; this Ad Network Reviews section is off to a great start so far, and I plan to add additional reviews as the year goes on. We may have two dozen or more ad networks fully reviewed by the time our Premium membership level goes live.

The Latest from MonetizePros

It’s been roughly five months since MonetizePros.com was launched. In that time, Andy, Johnny, and I have added a lot of monetization-related content and tools. Today, we officially launch our most whimsical tool to date: the “How Much Money Should My Website Make?” tool. Admittedly rudimentary, this tool nonetheless should be fun to use and may give some insight as to the revenue potential of e-commerce activity or display advertising income. Give it a spin!

Interview at MonetizePros

Last week, I was interviewed by my colleague Andy Hagans at MonetizePros. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about me (and MonetizePros!), check it out. I believe that this marks the first time I’ve ever been interviewed, but I think I pulled it off anyway. Thanks to Andy for the great questions!

Announcing MonetizePros.com

Andy, Johnny, and I have been feverishly working on our new joint venture MonetizePros for the last few months. We just finally went public about the site a couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to post about it here. At MonetizePros, we blog about pretty much all forms of Web monetization, including ad sales, conversion rate optimization, display advertising, email marketing, lead generation, and more. We also are developing a community in our forums. Our goal is to help our users (mostly small Web publishers and other webmasters) make more money from their existing Web traffic.

This week, I launched our weekly series of interviews with monetization experts and other webmasters by posting my interview with fellow co-founder Andy Hagans.

Be sure to follow @MonetizePros on Twitter for all of the latest updates or join MonetizePros (it’s free!) if you want to get our free monetization e-books.

Update 8/6/2013: In the past few weeks, we have launched several new features, including a media kit template, a tutorial on how to make money with Twitter, and a similar tutorial about YouTube monetization. Check ’em out!

Announcing YesCollege.com

Earlier this week, my partners and I began work on a new education site that promises to be a valuable resource for students applying to college and current college students alike. Upcoming features will likely include a national scholarship database, a blog with regular posts on financial aid tips, a newsletter, and possibly a user forum at some point later in the future. We’re just barely underway, but check us out at YesCollege.com and be sure to follow @YesCollegeCom on Twitter, too!