Papal Emblem

The Pope Blog is back!

Founded by Andy and me in June 2004 while we were living together in L.A., The Pope Blog became a worldwide sensation after the passing of Pope John Paul II in April 2005. The Pope Blog had been on hiatus since December 2006 until today, when Andy made our first blog post in over five years, posting about Pope

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WHdb Officially Re-Launches

The ole WHdb is back at it once again. This is the web hosting database that Andy and I started in 2007, then kinda forgot about for a few years. Well, now it’s finally getting the TLC it deserves: it has a brand new (albeit very simple) design and had its soft re-launch last month

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Jimmy Atkinson flying a kite

Hey, I’m back! Now what?

After a three- (maybe four-?) year hiatus, jimmyatkinson.com has returned. In all likelihood, the updates to be contained here will be few and far between and elicit very little excitement. (I love setting low expectations!) With that said, I’ll use this site to post some news from time to time on some of my many Internet

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