The Pope Blog is back!

Founded by Andy and me in June 2004 while we were living together in L.A., The Pope Blog became a worldwide sensation after the passing of Pope John Paul II in April 2005. The Pope Blog had been on hiatus since December 2006 until today, when Andy made our first blog post in over five years, posting about Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign. Stay tuned to The Pope Blog for news about the upcoming conclave and election of the new pope in the coming weeks.

Re-Published at WHdb: The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy — and Their Open Source Alternatives

Following our new tradition of re-publishing old articles to promote the re-launch of our Web site, I just re-published another gem at WHdb: The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy — and Their Open Source Alternatives. The article compares proprietary computer programs to open source alternatives and was originally written five years ago. But now it has been updated for 2013; I have removed a lot of broken links and added a “New for 2013” section to boot to bring the list to sixty. Check it out.

WHdb Officially Re-Launches

As Andy posted yesterday, WHdb has officially re-launched with an all new look and feel. We’ll still be working on putting the finishing touches on everything for the next couple of months as we continue to collect data on the dozens of Web hosting providers that are featured in our database, but this is a good start. Or re-start I guess I should say.

Re-Published at WHdb: 100 Killer Web Accessibility Resources

I just re-published an old article that we had written at WHdb back in May 2008. 100 Killer Web Accessibility Resources is a list of blogs, forums, tools, and guidelines for Webmasters who seek to make their sites accessible according to Section 508 or similar Web accessibility specifications. Though this article is over four years old, we just re-published it this morning with new revisions because it has consistently been our most-visited page on the site for some time now.

Hey, I’m back! Now what?

After a three- (maybe four-?) year hiatus, has returned. In all likelihood, the updates to be contained here will be few and far between and elicit very little excitement. (I love setting low expectations!) With that said, I’ll use this site to post some news from time to time on some of my many Internet Web site projects. As for my personal life, I’m generally a pretty private guy, but occasionally, you may see me post something of interest on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.